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Thor Battles the Midgard Serpent (1788) by Henry Fuseli
The Punishment of Loki (1894) by James Doyle Penrose

Plenty of Mighty Moments In Slash History have sprung from Greek mythology, but this week we’re heading north to check out the naughty Norse gods. You might think that a lack of Mediterranean sunshine would mean fewer opportunities for gratuitous nudity, but fortunately, you’d be wrong.

I’d like to explain the myths behind these paintings, but two things make it tricky. Firstly, Norse myths were often written BY the drunk, FOR the drunk, and thus are full of WTF plot twists of the highest order. For instance, the Midgard Serpent that Thor is hunting in the first painting is actually the child of Loki from the second painting. Yeah, they left that part out of Avengers Assemble.

Secondly, the focus of these pictures is not so much mythological accuracy as copious displays of man-flesh. As a case in point, other paintings of Loki’s punishment usually include Loki’s wife Sigyn (somehow he managed to have a wife, when he wasn’t too busy giving birth to horses), but here she’s been left out to make more room for angst-ridden bondage. Yes, what fanfic does today, art has been doing for centuries!

Meanwhile, the first painting is notable for the fact that somewhere amid the dramatic foreshortening and the Escher Girls-style disregard for anatomy, Thor’s genitalia seem to have gone missing. Come to think of it, is Loki gazing up at Thor’s strangely painted crotch and gasping in sympathy?

In summary: Thor’s on the top, Loki’s on the bottom, and there’s nothing between them but a pair of massive snakes. This may not be Marvel Comics approved, but Sigmund Freud would have a field day…

Hilarious!! Every time! And so true about the fanfic!



. you are impeccable & extraordinary. I stand with you. I believe in gender equality.

"Both men & women should feel free to be sensitive. Both men & women should feel free to be strong". :



Hii! How should I convince my friend to watch The musketeers?


Good question! But what’s not to like really? Men in leather. With swords. And beards. And snark.  And humor. Kick-ass women. Amazing costumes. Gorgeous locations. 

(Anyone wanna chime in here? )

And if your friend doesn’t like it at first try, sit her down and make her watch it again. I watched the first episode and wasn’t really impressed and then inwe-k started watching and nagged me about giving it another go so she could talk about it to someone and I watched a few episodes in a row and suddenly, I loved it. And now I’m the one nagging inwe-k all day about it (…and I’m pretty sure there are moments when she regrets ever opening her mouth about it). See how quickly the tables can turn here?

And just for the record - I don’t regret it for a single moment and I am happy to hear about it all day long :D And look how much fun we already had with it!!


Athos is not impressed with your shenanigans

BBC The Musketeers S01xE01 & Doctor Who S08xE03 parallels 

Thank you! I know last DW episode reminded me of something! 😁


The wounds that never heal can only be mourned alone.

Things I want…


A Doctor Who and Musketeers crossover. Imagine Capaldi as 12 travels to 17th century France and comes face to face with Cardinal Richelieu as he attempts to undermine the Musketeers yet again. 12 obviously helps Athos, Porthos, Aramis, and D’Artagnan unravel Richelieu’s evil plot and… yeah. that would kind of be perfection. 



I don’t even know what to say to this one. It’s like he’s not even trying. While I could do about 5 more posts just to cover all the faces Athos pulled this season, for Aramis, this is pretty much it. He’s just too pretty to look stupid.

But still hilarious!!!